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Our Academy welcome all human beings eager to learn and with a curious spirit.
This is a space for aspiring backpackers, digital nomads, solo travelers, and anyone with a passion for immersive experiences.

Through our courses, you'll be able to:

🕶️Learn Spanish and Italian, unlocking the doors into the vibrant cultures in Spain, Italy, and Latin America
🕶️Kickstart a lifestyle of freedom and adventure or sustaining a nomadic lifestyle, by transitioning tor online income
and turn your passions into profit...anywhere
🕶Choose and plan your next destination

Join us at OCW Academy, where every lesson is a step closer to turning your vision board into a real-life adventure.


You prefer to pick your courses and just learn - This is for you!

With this option you get access to the open Academy Community Channel for questions and will get feedback to exercises you submit (no calls support)

OPTION TWO: Join Our Signature Full Immersion PROGRAMS | SPANISH/ITALIAN

You want to become fluent - This is for you!

Choose between Monthly or 6 Months Support and reach your fluency goals. Beginner to intermediate levels.

Programs gives you access to Private Channel for weekly support + 3x 45min 1:1 sessions with your tutor for the months you choose to be in the program for.

“What I learnt in a month is something I'll keep with me forever. Robin is a very nice and comfortable mentor. She knows what
she’s doing and knows what strategies will help you the most"

- Gabrielle
Solo Traveller
Academy Alumni 

I learned so much in a short amount of time. There are different learning techniques, by video, text, audio, workbook, daily challenges, all this made it fun and interactive. The program allowed me to get super comfortable with this new language. I now can write texts, read books and have simple conversations in Spanish."

- Patricia
Digital Nomad

Language Academy Alumni 

“ Robin has a well thought out, non-intimidating approach that makes an enjoyable and safe learning environment. Together, we explored topics of travel, culture, food, and passions. There is so much left to learn, and I am excited to continue my journey with Robin and Our Connected World!”

Online Freelancer
Academy Alumni 

"After just a few weeks with Robin my Italian has improved dramatically. Being able to do daily challenges and lessons as well as having the option to speak with Robin daily was extremely helpful! Speaking has gotten so much easier thanks to Robin's encouragement and no-judgement teaching style."

- Lexi-
From Nada to Español Alumni

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Head of Academy
Founder, Our Connected World 


Italian Tutor


Spanish Tutor


Spanish Tutor

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