Il Dolce Vivere: Crash Italian

Italian for Beginners

You’ve got a trip to Italy coming up and you want to be able to navigate with confidence and connect with locals. No worries, we got you!

This course will help you learn the language quickly and easily so you can communicate with locals and get the most out of your trip. Even if you've never studied Italian before, this course will give you the tools you need to start speaking the language with confidence.

With lessons that focus on practical phrases and everyday vocabulary, you'll be able to order food, ask for directions, and strike up conversations with locals in no time.    Imagine wandering the streets of Rome, Florence, or Venice, conversing with locals in their native language and discovering hidden gems that most tourists never see.

"Robin is an excellent teacher. She is very patient and thorough. The challenges are super fun and Robin is very supportive throughout the process.  I highly recommend Robin!"


OCW Language Academy Alumni

"Great teacher! With a wonderful methodology and attitude, I learned Italian from scratch and today I feel comfortable in conversation. I'm having fun learning with Robin. Thank you very much!"


OCW Language Academy Alumni

"I was feeling unsure which was the best learning style for me and this was definitely it. I was hoping to start learning basic Italian and this course helped me to learn way faster than expected and also made it really fun and interesting! I am now able to read simple texts, have basic conversations and to watch TV in Italian and understand what they are saying. I liked that it makes you get completely immersed in the language without feeling overwhelming. I loved suddenly noticing that I knew more than I thought."


OCW Language Academy Alumni

What is Included?

  • Access to Academy channel for support
  • 15 Daily Challenges to learn to integrate the language naturally in your day
  • 4 Modules with downloadable material + Grammar and Vocabulary books + HD Video lessons + Audio with transcript + Reading material 
  • Feedback to each exercise to keep improving and be fully ready to be in Italy
  • Certificate of completion
  • Italian Cheat-Sheets to fast-track your fluency 
  • Lifetime access to material, updates and course 

By the way, CIAO!

 As a travel addict with a passion for connections, languages and creating opportunities, I had to find a way to help others in their language journey. Speaking and learning four languages has taught me the journey to fluency inside out. 

I have had good and bad teachers, who showed me how to inspire and what not to do. I know how important it is to interact with the language, stay motivated and enjoy the process. The latter is so important to stay consistent and motivated.

My goal is not just fluency - I want you to feel confident, happy and fulfilled. You deserve to be that badass explorer you aspire to, wherever you are or will be!

I truly believe languages open worlds, doors and souls and this is why I hope to help you find those everyday joys in your next trip or home away from home - the joys given by being able to connect deeper with others, nature and yourself.

To your next adventure and Italian journey!🥂

Language educator | Travel Mentor | Speaker, Author
Founder and CEO of OCW


Il Dolce Vivere: Italian Crash Course

$57 USD