Are you ready to Explore the World in full potential mode?

Life is about finding joy in new adventures, experiencing exciting lands, learning about cultures and connecting with people from all walks of life. Embracing the opportunity to grow through independent travel can be incredibly rewarding.  

The key to having a genuinely immersive experience and unlocking your potential for transformation through travel is embracing the experiences and allowing yourself to connect with locals, nature and your true self.  

I empower you in your personal growth journey by making those dreams of moving abroad and exploring the world a reality.

Allow me to help you connect! 


Feeling stuck? Switch it up and watch yourself flourish. Challenge yourself by experiencing new and exciting environments, stepping out of the comfort zone, and embrace change.  

Tired of surface-level chit-chat in your office? Build powerful connections with people from all walks of life in every corner of the globe.  

Immersive Experiences
Want something more than the regular tourist experience? Or maybe you would you like to move abroad for a bit? Learn how to embed into a community and enjoy the benefits of transformational travel with my support and the great network of our female traveler trusted partners.  

Live life on your own terms and see yourself thrive and grow emotionally and psychologically, as you discover new lands and ways of being throughout your travels.   


I have a small roster of clients at a time, because of the intimate and immersive nature of my programs.
My services have quarterly or yearly capcity.


Your Vision Board

Turn it into a reality through travel. Say goodbye to regret for good and embrace life to the fullest! Feel confident turning your travel dreams into reality.

Experiential Slow Travel

Experience the world like you’ve never imagined was possible by immersing yourself in brand new cultures and seizing the opportunity to grow through your travels.

Your strongest Mindset

Take control of how your life unfolds by curating healthy, positive travel experiences and transform into the most alive version of yourself as you grow.

OCW Travel & language academy

You can choose to take part in one of my immersive online programs  from anywhere in the world and master the basics of Spanish or Italian. Using my VIS framework I help you reach your language goals faster.

If you are planning your first Solo Trip the "Daydream to Destination" course is your fit.

And if you are travelling to Italy or a Spanish-speaking country - the Travel&Language Bundle is exactly for you!


I have coaching programs for the women who are ready to create their new work & travel lifestyle. Shift to a remote job, have the strongest mindset for the change, craft the right experiences abroad. And so much more.


As a travel coach I use the power of travel and exploring to help you reach your personal goals. I will empower you to navigate through your personal growth journey. I am your objective voice and guide who will help you visualize and achieve your inner-flame goals. I am here to help you bring dreams to reality and thoughts to 'action plan'.

As your coach, I will help you navigate towards your own internal clarity, happiness, so you can connect with yourself, others, and your surroundings. I will accompany you in your own transformative travel. Not only will we work on the mindset and action plan but I will be able connect you to amazing associations that empower women to experience the world with tailored tours or volunteering. If any language support is needed (Spanish, Italian), this will be added to the VIP support, to make sure you feel confident and safe when abroad.

You can choose from different support packages that go from 1 session to 6 months support.

We are all busy, I know. The time investment is about 30-40 minutes of Spanish / Italian per day. Whenever it works during the day, there is no specific time. Up to you! The course itself is suggested to be done within 45 days and a crash course for travels in around 3-4 weeks time.

Fill out this form or send me an email. I also love to answer via DM on Instagram. Either channel you'll choose... I will get back to you because I cannot wait to connect with you!!