Are you ready to Explore all the world has to offer?

Do you feel like you are living on autopilot?
As much as you daydream about traveling the world and feeling aligned with who you are & what you do, getting there is a totally different story.

You feel stagnant in your  lack of clarity around your career, finances, skills, and timing. It’s as though the ‘what-ifs’ always take over.

I'm a world citizen with a background in Psychology and Marketing. 

I've been a student abroad, an expat, a nomad, a backpacker, and now an immigrant, which has allowed me to create a life that sets my soul on fire.

I help you design and live the abundant life you truly desire, with travel as a central element, while earning money online.



Switch it up and watch yourself flourish. Challenge yourself by experiencing new and exciting environments, stepping out of the comfort zone, and embrace change.  

Meaningful Connection
Build powerful connections with yourself, people from all walks of life in every corner of the globe and new places.

Geographical & Financial Freedom
A lifestyle unbound by location constraints, allowing you to work and explore the world on your terms. You aspire to build a robust financial foundation that affords you the flexibility to embrace diverse cultures, environments, and experiences while maintaining a secure and prosperous future. 

Personal Growth
Live life on your own terms and see yourself thrive and grow emotionally and psychologically, as you discover new lands and ways of being throughout your travels.   


Personalized support + comprehensive programs:

✔️Build or expand your online business
✔️Remote work + full time travel
✔️Lifestyle Redesign
✔️Mindset and Confidence
✔️Travel Planning and Logistics
✔️Community and Networking
✔️Start earning as "location independent" and travel more 

OCW academy 

Our Academy courses are for you if you are:

✔️An aspiring solo traveller
✔️Planning to travel to Italy or a Spanish-speaking country
✔️Become fluent in Spanish/Italian
✔️Want to kickstart your remote/online income chapter

Prefer a DIY approach? No worries, you can also purchase one of these courses or bundles alone!

Are you an Association or Company?
Let's work together!

As an educator, marketer, speaker and mentor, I am dedicated to helping companies and associations thrive by providing comprehensive services that will help employees or members overcome challenges and achieve their goals:

✔️ Speaker (in-person events, podcasts, virtual events,keynote)
✔️ Workshops and mentoring (i.e: language education, life transition support, leadership in life and work, marketing career development, business development, personal growth through travel)
✔️ Consultancy (i.e marketing, business development, employee integration and relocation programs, planning trips with intention, travels)