Are you ready to Explore all the world has to offer?

Do you feel like you are living on autopilot?
As much as you daydream about traveling the world and feeling aligned with who you are & what you do, getting there is a totally different story.
You feel stagnant in your  lack of clarity around your career, finances, skills, and timing. It’s as though the ‘what-ifs’ always take over.

At OCW we help female travellers ready to make big changes through practical strategies, beautiful connections, and transformation that opens the heart & mind to all the world has to offer. Sounds pretty amazing, right?

Hi! I'm Robin and I specialize in helping others navigate life transitions by embracing a travel lifestyle
that aligns with their desired time, location, and financial freedom.

As a world citizen with a background in Psychology and Marketing, I've been a student abroad, an expat, a nomad, a backpacker, and now an immigrant, which has allowed me to create a life that sets my soul on fire.

With my experience and expertise, I can help you design and live the life you truly desire, with travel as a central element.



Feeling stuck? Switch it up and watch yourself flourish. Challenge yourself by experiencing new and exciting environments, stepping out of the comfort zone, and embrace change.  

Meaningful Connection
Tired of surface-level chit-chat in your office? Build powerful connections with people from all walks of life in every corner of the globe.  

Immersive Experiences Abroad
Want something more than the regular tourist experience? Or maybe you would you like to move abroad for a bit? Learn how to embed into a community and enjoy the benefits of transformational travel with my support and the great network of our female traveler trusted partners.  

Personal Growth
Live life on your own terms and see yourself thrive and grow emotionally and psychologically, as you discover new lands and ways of being throughout your travels.   


3 to 12 months of personalized support and comprehensive curriculums in areas such as:

Build your online business
Remote Work and Digital Nomadism
Lifestyle Redesign
Mindset and Confidence
Travel Planning and Logistics
Community and Networking
Spanish/Italian Fluency 

OCW Travel & language academy

The Academy is for you if you are:

-An aspiring solo / long-term traveller
-Planning to go to Italy or a Spanish-speaking country

These courses are great if you also prefer a self-paced approach with still some group support (you will always get support and community here at OCW - how you prefer to use it is up to you)

Are you an Association or Company?
Let's work together!

As an educator, a marketer, speaker and mentor, I am dedicated to helping companies and associations thrive by providing comprehensive services that will help employees and members overcome challenges and achieve their goals:

- Workshops (i.e: language education, feeling home, life transition support, leadership in life and work, marketing career development, personal growth through travel)
-Monthly Retainers (creating/hosting relocation programs, language education, counselling first month abroad)
- Consultancy (i.e marketing, employee integration programs, planning trips with intention, slow travel)