Choose Your Language Adventure!

Spanish or Italian? Full-immersion or crash course? Practice membership?

Signature Full Immersion Courses

You are a traveler, a wanderer. A digital nomad with an online business.

 You want to go travel in Italy. Or maybe you want to live there for a bit.
Or maybe Spanish can open new career doors for you. Or your partner speaks Spanish.

Then these programs are just for YOU.
  You can choose the full-immersion program of your target language,
which is designed to bring you real-world language knowledge and help you speak at beginner level with confidence in the first 30 days.

 The secret to learning a language and create immersed experiences in your time abroad is consistency, following a proven method, with the right support.
I strongly believe learning even just a little can create a completely different experience in how you connect to places and people.

  • 30 days challenges to immerse in the language 
  • Audio conversations and dialogues with transcripts   
  • 60 or 90 Days 1:1 voice and text private support on Voxer 
  • 1:1 Kickoff  Zoom session 
✓Pronunciation help ✓ Trackable Progress ✓ Engaging quizzes, workheets and exercises ✓Downloadable material ✓Video lessons  
✓Lifetime access to course and updates  ✓Support  

Ps. These courses have been selling out every time this year. We are full until end of the year but I would love to have you for our 2023 opening! Learn more by clicking the link of your target language :)

Language Crash Courses
with Trip Support

  • 14 days challenges to immerse in the language
  • 10 Days 1:1 private support via Voxer
  • UPGRADE: 20 days of private access to me 

✓ Audio conversations and dialogues with transcripts  
✓ Pronunciation help  ✓ Trackable Progress
✓ Video lessons ✓ Engaging quizzes and exercises with feedback

Monthly Language Support

  • Speak and write with me MON-THU to keep practicing the language
  • Monthly session
  • Support and assignments with feedback 
  • Access to the community of Italian / Spanish learners

For advanced beginners and intermediate who want to progress

 " After just a few weeks with Robin my Italian has improved dramatically. Being able to do daily challenges and lessons as well as having the option to speak with Robin daily was extremely helpful! Speaking has gotten so much easier thanks to Robin's encouragement and no-judgement teaching style. My biggest hurdle was speaking with confidence. I now know I can be understood and that gives me the confidence to go forward and keep learning and pushing myself! If you really want to learn a lot in a short period of time, Robin is the language teacher you are looking for. No matter what level you are or how little time you think you may have to commit, she'll help you"

From Nada to Español 30 Days alumni

 "Robin has been an amazing teacher. The material she provides is always very helpful, and learning through conversation has made me advance much faster than I expected. Plus, we always have fun chatting"

Expat & travel-lover
La Dolce Vita Program alumni - now 1:1  Student

Questions? Reach out to me!