I’m a travel life coach and language educator
with a passion for helping people enjoy the best of what the world has to offer and interact with those
around them with confidence.

I'm here to empower women to GO and create opportunities and life-changing experiences abroad. It's time to stop staring at the vision boards, and turn it into reality.

Travel status: Always
Expat status: 10+ years living abroad
Language level: Four (Quadrilingual)

Why did I start OCW?

Travel and experiences abroad have changed my life.

My mind opened to the world after incorporating slow travel in my lifestyle.
Slow Travel has taught me so much: overcoming life challenges and easily adapting to changes; building my life from 0; creating connections wherever I go...and so much more!

So, I decided to create OCW to remove the idea of "it's a luxury" "it's unattainable" around traveling and long-term traveling.

It's my mission to make slow transformational travel available to many more women and show it for what it is: opportunities, life education and growth.

How do I help soulful female wanderers?

Let's make your exploring saucy and sparked with joy!

I have moved cities (and countries) since the young age of three and it was not all easy.
That is why I understand the struggles and I can help how to go through them.

 Cultivating a positive attitude towards new environments and being confident in changing landscapes is not a given.
One has to create the right path to achieve all this.

Incorporating travel in your lifestyle with a slow travel approach means:
-Life-changing experiences
-Life lessons
-Deeper connection to self, others and places

I'm here to help you get the most out of your explorations and learning. 
I can equip you with the methodologies needed to enhance your travel experiences so that you can go from general tourist to explorer, networker and bring positive transformation to your everyday life.

Guide you towards clarity

Learning to connect and engage with the people around you in their own language is one of the most powerful ways to elevate your experience and integrate into your environment with ease.

I live and breathe the
travel world 

With my globe-trotter and expat background + my passion to empower women like you + great female travel partners, together we will leverage travel as a dynamic tool for personal growth and wellbeing.

Remove language barriers

5+ years of teaching Spanish/Italian, supporting my clients in overcoming barriers to learning new languages and navigating unknown worlds with confidence.

I want to give you the key to the world so that you can enjoy uninhibited exploration of new and exciting cultures and destinations. 

Support for your move 

11 + years expat and now immigrant. I've moved across multiple countries and two continents. I know the struggles, the challenges and the beauty of starting an adventure abroad, no matter for how long.

Seen in

OCW Values

We evolve. Nothing is set in stone, the only barrier to change is what you limit your mind to.

Connection (of course)
Connecting to your true self, other people and nature is at the foundation of what I believe and what makes me happy.
*Fun fact: I even have a tattoo of it, to never forget the motto. 

If when we are afraid we change that mindset to openness and learning, we then can truly explore.

At times we oversee those given to us. The other times we decide not to create it ourselves. So, we get stuck.

   ________________________________common denominator__________________________________

We are humans and we will always strive to learn more, be a better version of ourselves. It is in our nature and it makes us happy.
Personal growth and working towards it is possibly the best way to start feel ALIVE.

We only have one life. We only know and process what we learn through life experience. Why not enhance the latter to have more of the first...?

How we can work together

Whether you choose to partake in my online courses or work one-on-one with me for language and transformative travel coaching, I tailor my services to meet your unique goals. All you have to do is reach out and our journey begins…