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From Nada to Español:
Spanish Immersion program

Are you ready to master your Spanish with ease?

LIMITED CAPACITY | Because we want to give you our FULL attention 💙

You want to become fluent and travel to Spain or Latin America or connect with Spanish-speaking loved ones BUT:

⛔ You hired (or thinking to do so) a tutor and not sure you can commit to the cost and you want to plug in more than 1 or 2 hours a week
⛔ You've tried an app but cannot stick to it
⛔ You feel overwhelmed with resources and you don't know how to really progress and keep consistent.
⛔ It is hard to find time in your busy day to learn a new language at specific times 

What if I told you that:

✔️ All you need to master the basics & immerse yourself in Spanish is 20-45 minutes a day
✔️ Everything you need is in ONE place
✔️ You can have 60 days or a full year of real-time voice and text support to make your progress real and fun

I am not crazy, this exists and it is right here for YOU!

Are you one of the following? 

#1  You’ve got a trip to Spain or Latin America coming up and you want to be able to have conversations in Spanish.

#2 You have a loved one who speaks Spanish

#3  You’ve tried and failed at learning Spanish in the past and you need a method and support.

#4  You want a beginner course that will help you speak the language to connect with locals, loved ones and have more confidence.  If any of these descriptions sound familiar and you are ready to take up the challenge of learning a language,  you should strongly consider enrolling in From Nada to Español!

The Framework

Visualize, Immerse, Speak

Visualize. Your goals. Short and long-term.

Immerse. Use the language to connect with the people from Spanish-speaking countries. You can learn to understand cultures and countries through language, the main way to build relationships.

Speak. Throwing yourself out there is essential. Speaking and breaking the barrier of fear will get you miles and miles beyond your goals.

It's a mindset that we're creating around the program. And with this, you will FLY.

The Use

Real world application

It is not just about grammar.
Often, the biggest challenges is getting to conversations and feeling you are blocked. Frozen. One of the main goals when progressing as beginner, is to not be scared of speaking and making mistakes. This is an essential factor that will get you to that intermediate level.  

The program uses different kind of activities, which help immerse yourself in the language and the culture.

It involves both "passive learning activities", such as listening and reading, and "active learning activities", such as speaking and writing. 

The Longterm why

Personal Growth

I hope you are thrilled to take a step towards the future and life you want to create.

Shape that reality that you desire. Learning a language is a life skill that can give you extra opportunities.

 Whether it is exploring the world, being an expat, or being able to connect in your international relationships.

Pronunciation & Speaking

Vocabulary & Idioms

Grammar & Conversations

Culture & Lifestyle

Soulful Nomad From Nada to Español Alumni

 "My biggest hurdle was speaking with confidence. I now know I can be understood and that gives me the confidence to go forward and keep learning and pushing myself! If you really want to learn a lot in a short period of time, Robin is the language teacher you are looking for. No matter what level you are or how little time you think you may have to commit, she'll help you."  

Digital Nomad From Nada to Español Alumni

 "I want to thank Robin for her consistent support and positive energy. I’ll always remember the “ahora tú” exercises hahah. I’m so happy I chose to immerse myself into this new language with Robin and her program. Because it’s not just about learning how to speak a new language, it’s about understanding a new culture and opening doors to the world. That’s what Robin's program is about." 

Travel-lover From Nada to Español Alumni

 "After taking this program I feel that I have a solid foundation and a better understanding of the Spanish language. My pronunciation and listening skills have improved dramatically. I feel better equipped to move forward in my fluency journey. I like the variation of lessons instead of just doing the same thing every day." 

Do you want to finally be able to communicate with your Spanish relatives, make new friends and interact with the locals?

Here are your options:

 1. Do twice a week lessons for around 6 months, at that pace, to reach an A2 level, paying ca. 30/hr -- $60 x4 x 6 = ca. US$1,400  OR

2. Learn Spanish with M-THU support through direct coaching access to defeat any barriers + full-immersion techniques + a method to guide you to success and enable you to master the basics and reach confidence in the first 30 days. And you cany achieve that confident beginner level in 2-3 months for HALF the price!

This is NOT for you if...

You want to advance without having to put some work and effort into it

You're an intermediate or advanced Spanish learner who is already confident in their language skills. This program is not for you but please drop me a line and I help you with what you need.

You don't care about immersing yourself ina culture and making connections with people or communities from different backgrounds around the world, or even just in your city

That's not you?

Fluency Accelerator - 2024 SPOTS OPEN

VALUE : $1704


  • Bi-Weekly 45min 1:1 Lessons to practice, ask questions, and learn about the cultural aspects of Spanish 
  • Weekly real-time voice and text support M-FRI to ask questions, stay motivated, write and practice Spanish - like a pen pal

Detailed Curriculum

  • Certificate of completion 
  • Downloadable material: Grammar and Vocabulary books + Video lessons + Audio with transcript + Reading material 
  • 30+ Daily Challenges to learn to integrate the language naturally in your day  
  • 6 modules with exercises (you will always receive feedback) 
  • 15x Spanish Cheat-Sheets to fast-track your fluency 
  • Study from the browser or the app

Monthly Support Option

Flexible. Enjoy the freedom to cancel anytime. No commitments, just the power to access premium support.


USD | Min. 2 months suggested

One Year Full Access (Save $1k+)


USD | Payment Plan Option on request | 12x months support

Language educator & Travel Mentor Founder of OCW

By the way, HOLA!

As a travel addict with a passion for connections, languages and creating opportunities, I had to find a way to help others in their language journey. Speaking and learning four languages has taught me the journey to fluency inside out.

I have had good and bad teachers, who showed me how to inspire and what not to do. I know how important it is to interact with the language, stay motivated and enjoy the process. The latter is so important to stay consistent and motivated.

After tutoring for six years I decided to create this online immersion program and I am so so proud of the first 14 students who graduated between June and December of 2022. You'll know soon...I LOVE my students, I'm just so proud of their progress and their journeys!

My goal is not just fluency - I want you to feel confident, happy and fulfilled. You deserve to be that badass explorer you aspire to, wherever you are or will be!

I truly believe languages open worlds, doors and souls and this is why I hope to help you find those everyday joys in your next trip or home away from home - the joys given by being able to connect deeper with others, nature and yourself.

To your next adventure and Spanish journey!🥂

HOLA! Meet your Spanish expert

As an industrial engineer focused on project management, this team has given me the opportunity to unite my two passions, helping people to fulfill their dreams and goals and undertake a path of digital nomad, providing the community with new opportunities and tutoring in the Spanish language.

I am currently living in Europe, more exactly in Greece, learning about their culture and learning the language.

I am a friendly person, quiet, I love nature, the sea, animals, music, coffee as a good Colombian and ice cream.☕

I hope that together we can grow and that you can learn not only a language but one or more cultures.

Come and immerse yourself with us in this wonderful world that we have created for you.

Spanish Tutor
Community Manager

Join and...

  • Learn Spanish so that you can actually apply it to communicate in your travels, or Spanish-speaking environments 
  • Use the VIS methodology to become more language independent 
  • Learn about the culture to make deeper connections 
  • Feel more confident when speaking to Spanish-speakers 
  • Open new doors of opportunities for your life - from dream to travel, move abroad or career to reality, have fun learning the language you love and connect with like-minded people 
  • Be supported from start to finish of this chapter as needed. Do you have questions or doubts? You will access to me via Voxer and you can message me anytime and I will answer within 24 hours. For 60 days I will be your Spanish pen/voice friend. 
  • Community of Spanish learners as excited as you to progress 
  • Access the lessons and collection of audio, videos and reading material any time from anywhere through the browser or app!

The course follows a process exposing yourself to the language, using daily challenges to immerse yourself in the language and allowing you to easily talk with Spanish speakers. You’ll be able to hold real basic conversations and feel comfortable doing so!

Frequency Asked Questions

FOVEREVER! You'll have lifetime access. So, if I update or add material you will get access to that too! You have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. Cool, eh?

This is built for those with a busy schedule . Life is always busy so this program was born to also help with that: learning to manage the time and busy schedules to achieve your goals. The course is effective and will save you countless hours trying to figure out things on your own.   Plus, with downloadable materials, you can review the material on your own terms.

Studies show we actually make the fastest progress when we devote between 30 minutes to 1 hour of study to a topic each day. Spoiler alert: people who become fluent in languages simply found a way to be consistent and this course helps you with that.

Both! This course teaches Spanish spoken worldwide, which is understood around the world. The course includes variations of pronunciation and words (regionalism cheat sheet). This way, you'll always be prepared for you trip, no matter where you go! 

As soon as the enrolment period is over in June! You will have access to the online community and myself per Voxer immediately too.

I suggest to use Duolingo and other language apps as added resources in your journey. But these are tools for when you've got plenty of time on your hands and don’t have any specific language goals that you’re working towards. Have you seen the sentences that come up in some of those apps, like "La tortuga bebe leche" [The turtle drinks milk], and so on?

What Duolingo doesn’t give you is a clear roadmap to learning Spanish and customized support. With this course, you also get access to a private community and direct access to me (your teacher) where you can ask for feedback and receive extra support throughout the program.

YES! The price is shown in USD (American Dollars), but you can pay from wherever you are located.