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Welcome to this online oasis for travel, personal growth and language junkies.

Start exploring the world and your self with travel life coaching and virtual language programs for female wanderlusters, aspiring digital nomads and expats.

Feel like you’re being called to travel the world
...but can’t figure out how to make it happen?

Ready to book a solo trip far from home 
...but you’re unsure about what you’ll do when you get there?

Do you want to make sure working and Travelling 
actually works and is sustainable long term?

That’s where I come in as a mentor ✨

 Hi, I'm Robin! And as your travel life coach — I’ll help you replace fears and uncertainty with feelings of empowerment and support + show you how to reframe travelling as the ultimate personal growth tool so you can:  

→ Get clarity on your next steps in life, find stronger connections to yourself or with loved ones, use your travel experiences to improve mental health, gain new confidence in your capabilities and value

And I will guide you to connect with the deepest parts of who you are through the art of slow travel!  

Choose Your Own Adventure

(Go ahead → start anywhere!) 

Immersion Programs

Start speaking Spanish or Italian like a local with complete confidence and faster results!


THE Retreat for aspiring solo female travellers and digital nomads. Co-hosting with the amazing Madison Rolley we are ready to set your
soul ON FIRE...in Tulum ;)


In this masterclass we break down all the essentials and first steps you need to start working online and travel the world.

"I've known Robin for 6 months and I've undergone a great deal of personal growth in that time. She's incredibly supportive, intuitive, and encouraging. Not only has she helped me deal better with discomfort, but also with my fear of the unknown. I'm now travelling for the next year and still cannot believe it! She understands how to create meaning in life and to be present in the moment."

- Chloe 
(1:1 Coaching Alumni)

What’s a Travel Life Coach?!

 I’m so glad you asked 🙌  

I empower women like you to go, embrace change and create opportunities through life-changing experiences abroad. The secret ingredient: Slow travel. Which is a mindset, an approach to travel. It has changed my life and I want more women to experience it.

From learning how to adapt and overcome life challenges to helping me create deep connections with people and places wherever I go, I’ve seen first-hand how slow travel can transform our confidence, self-image, and relationship with ourselves and others. I started Our Connected World because I know, like me, there are so many women who crave this kind of lifestyle and crave the ability to unearth the truest version of themselves.

To find more opportunities in the unknown. To grow in new and exciting ways (personally and professionally). And to embark on a life education from the world around them.

But getting started (or trying to sustain a slow travel lifestyle) alone can feel overwhelming and scary. My programs combine life coaching + Travel expertise + Language learning to help you find your voice, clear your path and unlock your full potential. As a travel life coach, I’ll support you through each step of your adventure so you stop feeling stuck in fear and start living the life you truly desire.

Ready to seize the day? I can’t wait to help you do it!

As seen in...

“A ship in harbour is safe, but that’s not what ships are for.”

 – William Shedd 

A little care package from me to you.

 World-class tips on how to slow travel the smart way — including how to work with the budget you’ve got, how to meet new friends,
what to do when things go wrong & more! 

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Picking up languages was never easy for me. I would often feel overwhelmed and give up before I could really formulate a full sentence. Robin has a well thought out, non-intimidating approach that makes an enjoyable and safe learning environment. Together, we explored topics of travel, culture, food, and passions. There is so much left to learn, and I am excited to continue my journey with Robin and Our Connected World!"

(Language Academy Alumni)

What you don’t change, 
you choose…


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