Turn your vision board into a real-life adventure.

Welcome to the oasis for work&travel lifestyles,
with a drizzle of language learning.

Start exploring the world being Connected with yourselfothers and places

You're being called to travel the world
...but can’t figure out how to make it happen.

You're full of ideas and a vision board full of dreams
...but you're feeling lost, stuck in a space you not longer want to be in.

You want to regain time freedom and start your own business to travel
...but you are not sure how to start and make sure it is sustainable.

HI! I am Robin, Mentor, Speaker and CEO of Our Connected World. 

I help heart-led individuals in life transitions embrace a travel lifestyle, without giving up work dreams or financial stability.  

I am a seasoned world traveller (44+ countries and counting) with a background in Psychology. My career ranges from start ups to top Fortune 500 companies and I have over 6 years of Marketing and Mentoring experience.  

I've spent over a decade exploring the world between being a student abroad, an expat, a nomad, a backpacker, and now an immigrant - to create a life that sets my soul on fire...  

And now I'm here to help you do the same!

So excited you are here!

Choose Your Adventure

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From dreaming about a travel lifestyle with a remote career and financial stability to...making it a reality!


Find courses to travel safely and without breaking bank and connect with locals in their language!


Start earning income online to travel more, for longer or to become a
digital nomads.

"I've known Robin for 6 months and I've undergone a great deal of personal growth in that time. She's incredibly supportive, intuitive, and encouraging. Not only has she helped me deal better with discomfort, but also with my fear of the unknown. I'm now travelling for the next year and still cannot believe it! She understands how to create meaning in life and to be present in the moment."

- Chloe -