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You're being called to travel the world
...but can’t figure out how to make it happen.

You're full of ideas and a vision board full of dreams
...but you're feeling lost, stuck in a space you not longer want to be in.

You want to regain time freedom and start your own business to travel
...but you are not sure how to start and make sure it is sustainable.

HI! I am Robin, Travel Lifestyle Mentor, and CEO of Our Connected World. 

I'm an educator and speaker who helps women in life transitions embrace a travel lifestyle that is aligned the time, location and financial freedom they desire.

I am a seasoned world traveller with a background in Psychology and Social Innovation and over 6 years of Marketing, Business and Mentoring experience.

I've spent over a decade being a student abroad, an expat, a nomad, a backpacker and now an immigrant - to create a life that sets my soul on fire.

So excited you are here!

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"I've known Robin for 6 months and I've undergone a great deal of personal growth in that time. She's incredibly supportive, intuitive, and encouraging. Not only has she helped me deal better with discomfort, but also with my fear of the unknown. I'm now travelling for the next year and still cannot believe it! She understands how to create meaning in life and to be present in the moment."

- Chloe 
(Coaching Alumni)

Choose Your Own Adventure

(Go ahead → start anywhere!) 


From dreaming about a travel lifestyle with a remote career and financial stability to...making it a reality!

Explore ITALY, SPAIN or Latin America

THE course to travel safely and without breaking bank and connect with locals in their language!

90-Day roadmap
to *digital nomadism

Training for free-spirits ready to have an online income to travel more, for longer or become digital nomads.

Picking up languages was never easy for me. I would often feel overwhelmed and give up before I could really formulate a full sentence. Robin has a well thought out, non-intimidating approach that makes an enjoyable and safe learning environment. Together, we explored topics of travel, culture, food, and passions. There is so much left to learn, and I am excited to continue my journey with Robin and Our Connected World!"

(Language Academy Alumni)

What you don’t change, 
you choose…


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