It’s a set your soul on fire
and feel unstoppable kind of thing.  

Find more self-confidence, clarity, and a deeper connection to self with OCW travel life coaching.

OCW Coaching helps soulful wanderlusters, aspiring digital nomad and expats plan, budget for
and make absolutely transformational life experiences through travels abroad

Whether that is walking down your favorite coffeeshop in Spain, wine tasting in Italy or chilling on the beach in Tulum -
my goal is to help you connect your need for travel with the one of learning and personal growth.

Together we map out the steps, resources and support you need to make your experience abroad happen.
Resources include also the beautiful connections and our trusted partners in the female travel industry.

Culturally immersive, purposeful travel has the power to transform your life. Invest in your growth by accessing my programs today
and wake up living out your vision board lifestyle. Are you ready to create the healthy, fulfilling life you long desired?

Why I became a travel life coach:

•The approach to travel is everything. Slow travel is a mindset, a way to explore the world deeply and make the most out of those experiences abroad. For your growth, for your future.
•I have lived in 8 countries across 2 continents
•I travelled across 4 continents
•All the travel-related struggles…I’ve been through them and want to help more women remove them
•All the struggles of living in a new country, a new city…this has been my life for the past 11 years. I know how much nicer it is to not go through it alone.

1. Where you are at

You have a burning desire to explore the world and create life changing experiences. But you're held back because you're waiting for the "right moment" (which never seems to come), you're so paralyzed by feelings of overwhelm that you don't know where to start. Or you feel misunderstood by your family or friends who don't seem to be on board with the decision.

2. Where I come in...

Your travel fairy cheerleader. When you join an OCW 1:1 coaching programs, you will have the confidence and skill sets needed to finally book the ticket and begin your travel LIFESTYLE.

3. Where you'll be

•Have a solid mindset that enables you to easily transition into a new country and immerse yourself seamlessly into this new chapter.  
•Have the confidence to fully integrate yourself into the culture by learning how to make friends, knowing how to find community, and understanding cultural norms  
•Gain newfound independence  
•Be able to balance work and travel to find new opportunities 

You Should Know


strategy for clarity

Starting with a session where we dive deep into your vision and needs. This helps us create the action plan and purpose.

• Know the exact (first) location you're going to based on your lifestyle goals and budget
• Have a plan of action that gives you the exact steps from planning to booking your ticket to everything else you need to transition abroad

planning for action

It's all about making it happen. It's overwhelming to do it all alone, that's why I'm here. Guiding you step by step, to feel organized and ready.

• Itinerary to make your trip transformational
• Removing financial anxieties by budgeting, saving money, and having a work-abroad plan
• Starting your online biz
• Make logistics a fun breeze
• Volunteering opportunities to give back to the communities

Mindset for growth

Going abroad, change, transitioning is not easy. It's important to remove anxieties, self-limiting beliefs and any create the right space for self-discovery.

• Have a solid mindset that enables you to easily transition into a new country and immerse yourself seamlessly into this new chapter.
• Learn how to balance working & traveling
• Have the confidence to fully integrate yourself into the culture by learning how to make friends, knowing how to find community, and understanding cultural norms
• Gain a newfound sense of independence

Ways I help you with

Our journeys are unique. This is why my support will always have elements of customization for each of my clients. These are some of the areas I have helped my clients with:

An intinirary to make your trip transformational
Career planning for abroad
OR start your online biz
Change coping to remove fears and blockers
Support the first weeks you ARE abroad
Removing budgeting
anxieties and doubts
Volunteering opportunities to give back to communites
Making logistics
a fun breeze
Know exactly when you'll board that flight

Intensives & 2023 Mastermind

*Intensives and Mastermind Program are on application basis and it's only for those who are ready
to say YES to commit to going abroad or an extended trip.

Clients come back because of they appreciate the intimate and immersive approach of my programs.
 This means that my intensives client roster remains small and my programs have a yearly capacity.
This way I can devote my time, energy and expertise to each one of my clients.

1:1 Breakthrough session


Best For Solving one blocker bugging you right now so you can move forward.

  • 90 minutes session
  • Material and action plan
  • 2 weeks email support


For aspiring digital nomads: free-spirit women aspiring to become digital nomads or expats by booking a one-way ticket to a Spanish-speaking destination (first).

NOW OPEN! (with extra bonuses)

  • 6 months hybrid program (1:1 & group)
  • Included: Access to Spanish Immersion program + travel course
  • Small intimate group, application based only


For Transformational Trips: For soulful, curious female travel lovers, wanting to remove fears and anxiety and plan the solo (or +1) transformational extended trip of their lives.

  • 90 minutes Private Coaching Session 
  • 1 month or 3 months 1:1 voice note/text support 
  • 3 months program: monthly calls
  • Custom material and action plan 
  • Custom itinerary plan
  • Access to all the resources, tools - all the support you could ever need for your travels

Questions? Reach out to me!