It’s a set your soul on Fire and feel unstoppable
kind of thing.

Find more self-confidence, clarity, and a deeper connection to your self and others with OCW travel life coaching. 

I help intentional free-spirited women stop feeling 'trapped' and embrace their ultimate travel lifestyle by building successful remote careers and open to true world exploration.

What’s holding you back from living your travel LIFESTYLE?

> spoilers: with me by your side, nothing <

Why invest in a travel life coach? It’s the fastest way to gain knowledge and reach your goals! I’ll support you every step of the way so taking consistent action towards your new chapter feels like a breeze!

After OCW Coaching You’ll Finally:

Live out your travel lifestyle vision in REAL LIFE — you’ll have flights booked, an online job, accommodations ready, languages learned and a plan for when you land! 

- Feel more than capable of moving to a new country, make meaningful connections, and immersing yourself in a new adventure thanks to a solid, healthy mindset 

- Have a online job that supports your new lifestyle and feels aligned with YOU

- Have long lasting results in your growth, biz/job, health, relationships, finance goals

- Gain newfound independence and total empowerment — the challenges that once scared you become a thing of the past! 

- Find true balance between work and travel with a deeper knowledge of how to seek out (+ be open to) new career opportunities and being a digitial nomad

"Robin has been a great mentor, helping me to finally get in touch with the version of myself I wanted. Slow travel has changed the way I feel the world. I now embrace my new life as a digital nomad, I don't feel stuck anymore."

- Anna
Coaching Alumni


Elevate your vision. Shift to your strongest mindset. Craft transformational experiences abroad.

the One-way ticket  Mastermind

Your 6-month program to help you finally book your one way ticket and gain geographical and financial freedom.

This is for the woman who…

wants to book a one-way ticket and start working from anywhere while exploring the world! You are ready to invest in time, location and financial freedom by creating a successful remote career for yourself - all while experiencing life on your terms.

The Quick Details: This is a comprehensive educational and mentorship program that gives you a space for emotional support, building your skills to thrive abroad and creating a strong network even before leaving. It's application based only as it is a community of like-minded women, and you will receive high long-term mentorship as well as access to expert guests.

You’ll get 6 months of personalized coaching (a mixture of 1:1 and group sessions), in-depth Q&A’s and masterclasses with industry guest speakers, exclusive access to OCW Academy Courses and much more!

Our Mastermind Includes…

- 2 Years access to the special curriculum with 9 modules full of resources, tools, exercises to create your skills, go through the transition with all the information you need

Our Mastermind 1:1 Support Includes…

-An initial call where together, we will clarify your current situation and your vision, and dreams. We’ll deep dive into what’s holding you back from taking the travel leap and what skills you need/want to build your online business.

- Your custom roadmap for long lasting results in your growth, financial, health and connections goals.

 -Solidify your experience abroad and custom research for your move abroad — when to go, what to do while there, what you want your experience to look like + map out your overall budget  

- Planning your remote working set up - what's the best option for you - creating your online business or finding a job with a company.

Our Mastermind Group Support Includes…

- Career change support that focuses on how to grow/start an online business or how to find a remote job/new job abroad (never worry about how you’ll make money travelling again!)

 - Weekly Private Group Slack and Group Calls  to pump you up, keep you on track

- Community support

- Workshops hosted by the best network of travel experts out there — get answers to ALL of your questions!

BONUS: 12 months access to the community
*Throughout the whole program there will always be deep mindset and emotional support. The program is also designed to change your coping mechanisms and remove any anxiety or self-limiting beliefs to create space for a richer self-discovery  

"Robin is an amazing coach that has a very positive and powerful energy. She helped me think differently, gain clarity and find out what I really want in life and travels and how to get there."

- Laura
Private Coaching Alumni

"I had the desire to travel and work remotely, but I wasn't sure where to start or how to make it happen. That's when I found Robin. I was looking for someone who successfully navigated the work and travel lifestyle and could provide guidance and advice on how to do the same. Through her mentorship, I was able to find the confidence and courage to start my journey and go abroad. I'm now able to work from anywhere in the world and finally be flexible!""

- Stephanie
Private Coaching Alumni

 1:1  Private Accelerator Program

Perfect For You If…You want to create a travel-first lifestyle or are looking for help with booking an extended solo trip (1+ months). You crave support with mindset, the logistics of your trip or your online work set up. You are ready to accelerate the process and kick off this lifestyle in 3 months.

The Quick Details: You will get personalized coaching with Robin for 90 days. 

What you get...

-An initial call to get clear on your goals, vision, and dreams. We’ll deep dive into what’s holding you back from taking the travel leap

- Your custom roadmap for flexibility and long lasting results in your growth, financial, health and connections goals

-Solidify where you’ll travel and explore ways to stay financially stable — when to go, what to do while there, what you want your experience to look like + map out your overall budget

-Focused research and a custom roadmap that we’ll adjust together based on new ideas/info so you feel safe, ready and excited about starting the adventure +work situation

-Deep mindset work that’s designed to change your coping mechanisms and remove anxieties/self-limiting beliefs to create space for richer self-discovery

-Text and voice support while you book your plans and to help remove any blockers for the smoothest transition abroad possible 

And also...

Exclusive access to the OCW travel course + language support to help you immerse yourself in the culture.

It’s more than a trip, it’s a lifestyle.