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FREE - Why you are stuck in your Spanish/Italian Fluency Journey Training

In this free training we address how you can start your Italian journey properly and start speaking in a month.


Choosing where to go, and how to execute a fully immersive & soul-filling solo trip of your dreams.


In this free training we address all the essential steps you need to take to book that one-way ticket. No more postponing.

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"Do you ever come home from a trip and feel that it passed by too quickly? Or that too much was packed in while you were there?"

"Experiencing slow travel is a mindset, a theme for your travels that focuses on authentic connections with people and places."

Why Learning a Language is the Best Friend of Solo Travelers

Preparing for a long trip can feel as though it is never ending…shopping around for the best flight prices, coordinating different places you will stay, navigating the visa guidelines, the list goes on.

How to select destinations for slow transformational travel

Slow travel is one of the most transformational experiences you can have in life. It opens your mind and your soul and I cannot recommend it enough for any woman who is seeking personal growth and development.

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