Why you are stuck in your italian fluency journey


  • This is for you if you:
  • Tried apps and random resources to finally learn Italian but still no real progress
  • Want to connect with locals or loved ones in Italian
  • Are ready to get a taste to a different approach to language learning 

 "After just a few weeks with Robin my Italian has improved dramatically. Being able to do daily challenges and lessons as well as having the option to speak with Robin daily was extremely helpful!

Il Dolce Vivere Alumni

 ""Great teacher! With a wonderful methodology and attitude, I learned Italian from scratch and today I feel comfortable in conversation. I'm having fun learning with Robin!" 

Il Dolce Vivere Alumni & "Unstoppable Italian" Member

Ciao, I'm Robin!

I'm a language educator and travel coach.

I’ve been moving around the world since I was twelve years old. I have lived in 8 countries between Europe and North America and traveled extensively across 4 continents. I’m a curious spirit with a penchant for adventure and authentic connection. More than anything, I champion the notion that the secrets to elevated world travel are cultural immersion, purposeful goal setting and removing the language barriers that inhibit you from experiencing new and exciting destinations to their fullest. I created OCW as a safe space where to uplift and empower women who want to conquer their travel, language and life abroad dreams. I am also an author, and previous podcaster. I am steadfastly dedicated to sharing my knowledge with my Connected Community in order to inspire independent, mindful and transformative global travel.