Unstoppable Spanish: Monthly Support for Advanced Beginners

Speak and write consistently to keep progressing!

What you get

✔️Private access to your coach aka your pen/voice friend
✔️You will speak and exchange texts with Robin weekly TUE-THU
✔️Prompts material available
✔️1x LIVE cultural session
✔️Access to the Spanish learners community
✔️Resource on ways to integrate the language in your day
✔️Feedback to improve your written and spoken Spanish

HOW IT WORKS: Fluency Formula

✔️Send voice messages and texts in Spanish
✔️Make sure to integrate the language daily (like challenges) and read/listen to Spanish throughout the week as well


✔️Are advanced beginners or early intermediate
✔️Want to progress by practicing the language
✔️Enjoy connecting with others

Robin Who

Hi! I'm Robin

I'm the language lover, traveler, and self-development junkie behind OCW.

I’ve been moving around the world since I was just three years old. I have lived in 8 countries between Europe and North America and traveled extensively across 4 continents.

I’m a curious spirit with a penchant for adventure and authentic connection. More than anything, I champion the notion that the secrets to elevated world travel are cultural immersion, purposeful goal setting and removing the language barriers that inhibit you from experiencing new and exciting destinations to their fullest.

In order to help others achieve their happy, more fulfilling lives, I have built this space. I am also an author, and previous podcaster. I am steadfastly dedicated to sharing my knowledge with my Connected community in order to inspire independent, mindful and transformative global travel.

I can’t wait to connect with you!

Can't wait to help you achieve your language goals!

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